Adjustment Tutorial

Making Adjustments to Your Forms

Go over your forms and read them thoroughly so that you can identify/submit all adjustments at once and ensure that the forms say what you want them to say. To make adjustments, write us an email and list the adjustments in 1 2 3 order (see examples below). The key to this adjustment process is stating your adjustments in a clean, short, and understandable way:



Note: “Form Name” and “Item Location” are not required for items that appear more than once in the forms like your name, age, address


1. Please adjust my address from 123 Oak St. to 123 Cedar St.

2. On the Petition for Adoption, Page 2, Employer Info section, adjust the income amount from $600 a week to $750 a week.

3. On the Praecipe Form, Page 1, Time required for hearing, change to 10 minutes.

Tip: You can ask questions pertaining to your papers in the same email, but please keep them below the list of adjustments. Don’t mix them in the text. Each adjustment should be a sentence and not an entire paragraph (unless the item you are adjusting is an actual paragraph of text)

Keep in mind that we can not answer questions with legal advice.

What Next?

Every time we adjust and send you a new set of forms, you should repeat the adjustment process above until there are no more adjustments to be made. At that time you are ready to file your paperwork with the instructions provided. Follow the Final Instructions and file the forms at your Local County Courthouse. Good Luck.

Remember: We always do adjustments for free. So, if you need us, we will be here.