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Here’s what you need to know about and the Affiliate program itself:

MyAdoptionForms™ is…

One of the earliest online websites to offer do-it-yourself adoption paperwork services in the United States.

We don’t find the children, but if the children are known to the adopting parents, we can do the legal court paperwork to make the adoption happen on a “pro se basis”. We handle the court paperwork for:

1. Step Parent Adoption – The #1 type of adoption in the US

2. Adult Adoption – a little known adoption type, but very useful for inheritance purposes. Most adult adoptions are from step parents adopting their step son/daughter after they turned 18years old.

3. Relative or Grandparent Adoption – a close relative or grandparent takes care of the troubled bio-parent’s child.

4. Child Adoption – We do domestic USA child adoptions where the adopting parents KNOW who they want to adopt, and everyone is friendly and agrees to the adoption.
We DON’T DO foreign adoptions outside the USA.
We DON’T DO adoptions for foreign children inside the USA.
We don’t find the children for adopting families to adopt. That is what an adoption agency does.
We DO the state specific legal documents for each State and County individually.

There is plenty of pent-up demand for these 4 services. For Step Parent Adoptions, our most popular product….here is how the numbers about the marketplace shape up.

• In the United States 42% of First marriages end in divorce. 64% of Second marriages end in divorce. 71% of Third marriages end in divorce. Giving an average 50% divorce rate in the United States.

• 68% of those First marriages ending in divorce have children connected to them. When those people get remarried within the next 2-7 years, that creates a Step Family….with Step Moms and Step Dads.

• Approximately 30% of ALL marriages in the US create Step Families. The market for Step Parent Adoptions has 35M to 65M Americans in it. This does not count Canada, Australia, UK, or the other parts of the world that we are moving into.

• Think about how many couples you actually know that are on their 2nd marriage with children from the 1st marriage. There are millions of step families in the United States. That is a huge market.

Here’s What’s In It For You –

Commissions –

26% for each payment made (that’s up to $100.62 in commission per sale for you… plus potential back-end commissions as well). See for the current prices.

Refund Period –

The customer’s refund period is while they are going thru the court proceeding. Sometimes that takes 6 months or more.

As far as the affiliate is concerned, if a customer refunds within 30 days then the commissions paid would be refunded to us. However, AFTER the 30 day period, there still may be customer refunds, however the affiliate keeps the commission. *

Affiliate Cookies –

Your Cookies don’t expire for at least six months, if not longer…
(We have Affiliates that are still earning commissions years after they originally promoted a product for us).

Plus your cookies for Step Parent Adoptions also count towards Adult Adoptions and other future products that don’t even exist yet.

That means there’s even more commission earning potential for each lead you send, and every cookie you set starting right this very minute!

That’s because we hard-code your Affiliate ID into the contact record for any leads you send us, and your cookies last for at least six months, if not longer…

So if your leads convert into sales months down the road you can still get paid.

Resources for you:

We have:
High CTR banners in all shapes and sizes, to put on websites
Email Swipe Copy – (however It’s always important to modify swipe copy heavily. This way the email servers will deliver your emails to your list.)
– Regular discount promotions with countdown timers to boost conversion
– We can do regular quarterly Product Launches to your list.
– We can do cross promotions with upsells and downsells of your own products.
– …We do a lot of cool stuff…We have been marketing online since 2001. We love to have our affiliates and jv partners make a lot of money. It keeps you happy.

Here’s how to apply:

Simply fill out the form below and hit the “click here to join” button.

Here’s what to do after that:

Immediately check your inbox or spam folders for an email from us and make sure you add our Affiliate email address to your “approved senders” list.

In the meantime… if you have any questions about our Affiliate Program call the office at 888-262-1955 and customer service will forward you to our Affiliate Manager.

I look forward to affecting families lives in a big way with you.

Julie Jessup
Customer Service Coordinator

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* Exception. We normally work with good caring people as our affiliates. We screen our affiliates well. However, there are always a few rotten apples that come into the mix. If there is a scam artist, then obviously we will reclaim monies from that affiliate using all legal methods possible. Thank you.