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"We Took Pictures With The Judge Also. It Turned Out To Be a Very Special Day"

"Just wanting to let you know that the adoption is complete. We went to court on tuesday November 26. What a special time it was. The baliff took pictures for us and the Judge was very pleasant. We took pictures with the Judge also. It turned out to be a very special day. Thank you again for all your help."
Regards, Barbara D.
Hello! This is Barbara D.'s NEW daughter, Nicole B. My mom asked me to send you the picture of us with the judge. I'll send you a couple pictures because they are pretty awesome.

Thanks again for helping make this happen. I've wanted this for YEARS but it was always so confusing and that deterred us from doing it. If you need anything else from her or myself, this is my email so just let me know.

Nicole B.

"I Did In Fact Have All The Paperwork That I Needed To File For The Adoption"

"Hi Stacy & Tiffany,
I went back to the courthouse on Friday....with all my paperwork. She (Court Clerk) said that I did in fact have all the paperwork that I needed to file for the adoption and that I did have some paperwork that I really didn't need but I was happy just as long as I had what I did need.

I want to say thank you so much for your help with all my paperwork. She (Court Clerk) said that I can file my paperwork in 3 more days. Yay!!!!! I am very happy and so are my family members. You guys rock!!! 🙂 Once again thank you very much for your help."
Selina M.

"Perhaps We Should Start Our Own Basketball Team."

We are in a very good mood today as our family has expanded. Please see the attached Order of The Court from the 3rd Judicial Curcuit finalizing the Adoption of Melody Kelly by Susan and I.

Many of you know Melody from our time in Muenster bei Dieberg with the 6th Military Police Company and/or meeting her at the Bartley July 4th Reunion some years ago.

It was the result of the family relationship Susan, myself and Melody formed over the past 18 years that resulted in our making a collective decision last year to formalize this through the adult adoption process.

Susan and I wanted to share our joy with all of you and hope you will welcome Melody into our family. She joins Terressa, Nicolle, Stevee and Debbie as our 5th daughter.... perhaps we should start our own basketball team.

Our best to all on this happy day.
Don and Susan

"I Know The Courthouse Here Recommends You All."

"Thank you for handling this for me... for relative adoption… I know the court house here recommends you all. (Saginaw County – Michigan)"
Amy W.

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